10 Mile Route – 1 Lap

20 Mile Route – 2 Laps

Start on Queensway Stadium Track, both distances head out together on this flat and fast route, before returning to finish back at the track. 10 Mile runners will finish on their return, whilst the 20 mile runners will head out for a second lap before finishing back at the stadium, where your supporters can cheer you in.

New routes avoid all previous flooded areas around Wrexham and also the busy town centre sections. Some road closures will be put in place on the day to ensure each runner has a safe and enjoyable day.

Further details to follow on “race day information page”

Both routes have great PB potentials and are perfect timing for you to test your marathon training in advance of your Spring marathons.

Full interactive map 10 Miler HERE

Full interactive map 20 Miler HERE