Littering Policy

Policy on Littering at Run Wales

We at Run Wales take the issue of littering very seriously. Our events are held in the most beautiful parts of the Seaside, Towns and country, and it is imperative that everyone respects this so that these places can be enjoyed by all who live and visit there. In our efforts to minimize the effects of littering, all event marshal locations along the routes will be designated as ‘litter disposal points’ and will have bin bags. We would ask all competitors to respect this rule and discard of any litter at these locations only.

As many runners will know when approaching a water station everyone will take a bottle, take a sip and discard around 80% of the contents.

That means around 80% of water on the course simply goes to waste, including the plastic bottles which will have minimal use.

Would it be possible to ask if the first bottle taken on the course is carried further and more of the content used between the water stations rather than simply discarding at the first opportunity? This would reduce demand and wastage at each station and help the volunteer groups who are tasked with emptying and collecting all the bottles at each location

You are free to re-fill your own bottles at any water stop

We will not tolerate any form of irresponsible littering during our events, participants who are seen dropping litter at non-designated litter locations will be disqualified

We would like to encourage you to recycle your litter wherever possible to further reduce your environmental impact.

Thank you for you support in keeping our events clean and litter free