3 Nations Championship

Sunday 19th November 2017, 10am

3 Nations Championship, an opportunity to run in your countries colours, an annual event that will see thousands of runners of all abilities, from all over the UK compete against each other for country.

3nflags banner

There’ll be flags flying and anthems sang, thousands of runners  standing on the start line in countries colours, crowds cheering, every second and every runner makes a difference in this battle of average times, so be it 70mins or 3hrs you will have run the best you can, YOUR TIME MATTERS!

Personalised bibs for everyone

Bibs with flags

An event for runners of all abilities, charity runners, fun runners, club runners, if you are not from England, Scotland or Wales that’s fine you can still take part, you will be part of the rest of the world team.

All runners receive a good quality Tshirt and medal as a memento.

We have produced technical vests that once purchased for just £15 can be worn for all the 3 Nations races year on year, wear them with pride.

*(Vests will be posted out approx 4 weeks before the event)

Vest ideas V2

From another country and want to run? click rest of the world when selecting country on the entry form, if you purchase a country vest it will be a 3 Nations rest of the world version.

If you have already entered this years race and did not have the opportunity to select your country then email us your choice of country (England, Scotland, Wales or Rest of the world) along with your name and address to: race@runwales.com